Freedom Besieged

Unshackling The Youth of Greece

Freedom Besieged is a feature-length documentary concerning the economic and political climate of Greece and specifically how such has impacted the development and psychology of the nation's youth. Treading fearlessly into what has been called a "humanitarian catastrophe", the film explores the pursuits of Greek youth living within the country's crisis. Freedom Besieged is an intimate portrait of a young Greek generation who serve as the focal point for the future of European youth today.

In an effort to re-build a bridge of communication between Greek youth and the world around them, Freedom Besieged includes an unprecedented amount of engagement from respected intellectuals, politicians, and experts from within Greece and the international community.

Carrying an overall hope-based theme, Freedom Besieged tells the inspiring stories of various Greek youth and community leaders who, without violence, seek a prosperous future amidst the crisis.